Case Studies on Influence and Leading Change Effectively

Seeing a Crisis Before it Was Too Late
Leaders in a large plant knew they were going to face significant new competition from extremely low cost providers over the next few years. This could have driven them out of business. But the really immediate challenge was that the plant was running night and day, and only a handful of people saw this challenge.

Keeping Change Alive from Start to Finish
A high tech company was having difficulty fully implementing new ideas. They were worried that they could slip behind the competition if they didn’t get better at keeping new ideas alive from planning to implementation to results.

Get Major New Initiatives Up and Running Quickly
Coordinating major projects across continents and time zones can be hazardous under the best of conditions. But this financial institution realized that fiefdoms could kill the implementation of massive new software program.

Get a Merger Back on Track When Things Started to Derail
It’s one thing to announce a merger of two hospitals; it was quite another for it to take hold. People liked what they had before.

Increased Ability to Get Lean/Six Sigma Implemented
Master Black Belts realized that if they were ever going to get management to fully support Lean/Six Sigma they would have to get a lot better at influencing key stakeholders.

Transforming Fear of the Future into a Compelling Vision of Where the Company Should Go 
This leader knew that his operation needed to change, but things seemed bleak. He couldn’t even identify what a positive vision might look like.

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