Why your plans start big and then fade away or die?

If those questions feel familiar, I hope you’ll take a look at my site. I’ve created lots of resources that help leaders avoid resistance and build stronger support. You could begin using many of those tools today at no cost.

Embark on The Change Test Drive!

Discover the five essential ingredients for a seamless change process within your organization. Avoid the common pitfalls of change fatigue and resistance, and foster a culture of eager participation and excellence.

  • Lay a strong foundation for change
  • Identify and build support
  • Focus on practical training
  • Encourage on-the-job practice
  • Embed best practices into your daily operations
The Change Test Drive

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The Challenge of Resistance to Change

I asked leaders from some of the world’s largest organizations to tell us what keeps them awake at night when they think about leading big projects.

  • Why don’t they $*&%@ get how important this project is?
  • Why do our changes start strong and then just die?
  • How come some of our projects just barely survive as if they were on life-support?
  • Why does it seem like we come up with great ideas, develop good plans, implement them pretty well – – but then nothing changes?

Do those questions resonate with you? How do we get our organization focused on what’s really important?

Every one of those questions points to a huge gap in energy. It’s the gap between strong support and show-stopping resistance. And that gap is where I live. I work with leaders to help them understand what is creating the gap and how to close that divide. I hope you’ll take a look at the resources I offer.

I created the Batteries Not Included Map™ to help leaders, consultants, and coaches address those problems when they occur. But more importantly, to help you avoid major pitfalls.

All of the articles, videos, and other tools on my website were created to bring the Batteries Not Included Map™ to life. Click here to see a short video on ways to use this map to build and sustain the energy and forward momentum to make big projects a success.

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Solutions for People Who Need to Build Strong Support for Change

Here are free resources that you can begin to use today. All of these ideas and tools are things that I developed working with clients, so I know they are practical and can work.


Free videos, white papers, and e-books filled with ideas to help you avoid pitfalls and build stronger support for change.

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Keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and seminars.

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Support for individuals and teams who lead change. People call because they need to build and maintain strong support for something big like a major change or project.

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I love collaborating with other consultants, coaches, and advisors on projects where my approach to working with support and resistance might come in handy.

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