Foundations and Theory

13 Change Study Results 22 Systems Thinking Podcast 28 Change Formula 29 Paradoxical Theory of Change Podcast 44 Rogers Podcast

Levels of Resistance

40 Level 2 Podcast 60 Knee-Jerk Reactions 161 Working with Knee-Jerk Reactions 61 What to Avoid Assessment

Context and Culture

71 Theory X and Y Assessment 78 Scenario Planning Podcast

Making a Compelling Case for Change

89 Conditions for Change Assessment 90 Open book Management 91 Why Before How Podcast

Getting Started on the Right Foot

108 Virtual Change Podcast 108 Large Systems Change 112 Create a Vision 114 Six Hats 118 Support Change Questionnaire

Keeping Change Alive

127 Keep Change Alive Assessment 133 Contract with Other Leaders 135 AAR Discussion 137 23 Ideas to Keep Change Alive 139 Sustain Change Podcast 139 Interview with JR McGee Slides to Accompany Sustain Commitment

Getting Back on Track

142 Back On Track Podcast 145 Know When to Walk Away 146 Dialogue Tips 147 Back On Track Questionnaire 151 The List Worksheet 152 When Trust is Low

Teaching This Approach

164 Teach This Approach Podcast 179 Intro to Change Without Migraines Podcast

Working Toward Mastery

183 Knowledge and Skills Worksheet Books I like