Avoid the pitfalls of change while building strong support.

If your big projects are stuck—producing more headaches than results—here are three ways to break through and increase support, engagement, and forward momentum.

1:1 Coaching Call with Rick (90 minutes)

This option is for people who just need someone to help them see a problem more clearly and explore options for dealing with it. It includes a follow-up call to debrief and explore what you can learn from this challenge. 


  • A conversation that is entirely focused on helping you address an urgent and pressing challenge. 
  • Practical ideas that you can begin to apply immediately.
  • A follow-up call to debrief and help you create your next steps.

Jump Start Your Change Coaching Program

The “Jump Start” option can help you learn what it takes to handle a big challenge, develop strategies to address it, try out these strategies, debrief and learn from the experience, and refine your next steps. 

You may choose any one of the following challenges for your work with Rick. 

How to. . . 

  • Make a strong and convincing case that a change is needed.
  • Avoid the Big Bang approach to change, where things start strong and then plummet and die.
  • Avoid the challenges of changes that survive on life support but never achieve the results you want.

The Jump Start Program Includes:

  • Three virtual 1:1 coaching sessions with Rick.
  • Access to relevant videos, written materials, or assessment tools in Rick’s Resource Library. 
  • Personalized Application Activities so you can begin to apply what you are learning from the very first session.  
  • Unlimited email support from Rick.

Comprehensive Coaching and Educational Program

I developed this premier program to help you improve and transform your ability to lead change. (This fits for coaches and consultants who focus on organizational change as well.)

  • Gain a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills you will need to build and maintain strong support for change.
  • This program covers ways to handle all of the challenges described in the Jump Start program.
  • How to spot and work successfully with challenges and opportunities that are often overlooked. These insights can increase the likelihood of success and save you time, money, and even reputation. 
  • I will be your coach for the entire program. You can reach out anytime.
  • I will open my Resource Library to you.

The Comprehensive Coaching Program includes:

  • Eight Individual Coaching Calls with Rick
  • Unlimited e-mail support. If you have a question, just send me an email. It is likely I will be able to respond that day. 
  • Unlimited Access to Rick’s videos, articles, and assessment tools for at least a year.
  • Opportunity to practice and apply what you are learning back on the job. Learning plus practical application is a key feature of this premium program. You will begin making those applications from the very first coaching session.

Profile picture of Rick Maurer who is a change advisor, speaker & author

Meet Your Guide

I’m Rick Maurer, and I’ve worked with leaders, consultants, and coaches on organizational change for almost thirty years. My coaching programs grew out of my own frustration seeing big projects move along as if they were on life support or, in other instances, start big and disappear just as quickly. I launched my new Change without Migraines
coaching/training programs for individuals who want to apply the five essentials covered my The Change Test Drive effectively.

I am also the author of many books, including Beyond the Wall of Resistance, Why Don’t You Want What I Want? and Seizing Moments of Possibility.