Change Management Open Source Project

Friday, February 6th, 2009

I try to keep self-promotional things to a minimum on this blog, but since this a free service, I decided to indulge myself. I hope you find it interesting.

The Open Source Project

Last year I heard from people I’d never met from Russia, Denmark, and Jordan telling me about their interest in my approach to change. Our discussions sparked an exciting thought – why don’t I make my ideas on change, and an understanding of the underlying thinking and assumptions behind my approach to change, even more accessible through a new Open Source Project.

What is the Open Source Project?

It’s an online collection of newly developed change management guidelines and professional presentation materials for anyone who wants them called Change without Migrainesfree. These free resources provide you with the tools for change so you can develop your knowledge base, and allow you to professionally (and easily) teach important change concepts to your colleagues and clients. And I plan to keep adding to this free site.

Why free?

So you can spread the word about Change without Migraines throughout your organization and with your clients. And, because of what might happen.  When you use these materials, it might spark new ideas and we can learn from each other. My hope is that as you study the Change without Migraines approach more deeply, you’ll make it even stronger – and find new places to apply this approach. A big part of my excitement in providing this “open source code” is to learn what you do with the material.

As people dig in and let me know what they’re developing, I can add things to this site so that we all can learn from each other.

So use the materials, and please share your ideas with me.

What’s free?

Building a Foundation of Knowledge

Ebook – Introduction to Change without Migraines

Videos – Understanding and Using the Tools for Change

Present, Teach, and Apply with Colleagues and Clients

Training Materials – Outline for half-day Change without Migraines training design

Power Point Presentation – The Cycle of Change, 3 Levels of Resistance and Support

The Open Source Project is about my realization that you should become the leading change agent.  Who knows your company or clients better than you?<

Visit the new Change without Migraines open source website and get started right away.