Have you ever heard yourselves asking:

  • Why are we stuck?
  • Why do big projects start strong and then just fade away?
  • What do have to do to get people engaged?
  • How can we avoid all those potential pitfalls that have killed other big projects?
  • How can we tell if things are going off track?

I do not offer a portfolio of one-size-fits-all tools and techniques. I work closely with clients to make sure that together we come up with ideas that will help you solve problems or respond to opportunities. For example. . .

Strategic Work Sessions

These sessions generally are focused on a single issue that is important for you to get right. There is no fluff. We all roll-up-our-sleeves and apply the tools I’ve developed to those problems or opportunities. We can do this face-to-face, virtually, or a combination of both formats. We can decide if meeting for a full day or two makes the most sense, or if it might be better to spread these Strategic Work Sessions out over a few weeks.

Coaching and Advising

This service is offered to leaders and their project teams. The focus is on how to increase your ability to get people energized and committed to changes that you believe are important to the organization.

  • We could schedule a series of one-hour coaching sessions over a few weeks so that we could discuss progress and/or stumbling blocks in your project.
  • You could choose a retainer relationship. In this type of relationship, you can call for quick advice or coaching on some challenge. One colleague referred to these short ad hoc sessions as “drive-by coaching.”
  • Or, you could just could schedule a single call.


I offer some online training that can be easily adapted for a leadership or planning team. In other words, you take the program at your own pace, but we meet by phone or Zoom once a week or so to discuss ways to apply what you are learning.

If this sounds interesting, let’s talk. I will only suggest a training program if I think it will be a good fit for the challenges you are facing today. I want you to be able to put what you are learning to use immediately.