Keynote Speaker on Change Management – Rick Maurer

Rick Maurer, a renowned change management expert, speaker and bestselling author educates audiences on how to get results from major change without headaches, cost overruns, and hidden problems…or, as he calls it, Change without Migraines™.

Rick Maurer is an advisor to leaders on building support for change. And he is a speaker and author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance. His opinion has been sought by The Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, and many other media outlets.

Watch Rick in Action:

How To Melt Away Resistance in 20-minutes for 99 cents

How a leader found out why people were resisting, and in a single meeting, turned that energy into support.

Why Marco Polo Just Might Save Your Company

Heading out into the field… A fascinating alternative to the typical top-down approach to large organizational change.

Why Don’t People #$%^ Get It?

Most leaders have asked versions of that question. I explain why people don’t get it – how to fix it – and what you can do to avoid that challenge.

Stop Selling Change and Start Building Change Readiness

An alternative to selling change at the high cost of lost opportunity, poor performance, turnover, errors, and growing cynicism.

Ideas for Meeting Planners

How to Stir Curiosity, Change Opinions, and Influence Behavior

If people aren’t engaged during an event and taking action after then it has been a waste of everyone’s time. Here are strategies that work.

What Separates a Great Presentation from One That Is Quickly Forgotten

There are three things that you can do to make an event a talked about, unforgettable success. It is really easy to inadvertently miss two of them.