Rick continues to be a thought leader in the world of change management.

"He asks the “deeper questions” that lead to exploring and investigating the root issues which underlie the challenges we all encounter on a daily basis.  Then he leads us through a thoughtful process to arrive at solutions and action steps to overcome the obstacles in our way."

Paul White, Ph. D., co-author of the best selling The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Positive Leadership And Transformation

"Rick is an inspiring speaker on change in our executive master in positive leadership and transformation. He addresses the most important topic that every leader deals with: how to win people over for your ideas."


Beyond Change Management… Teaches How to Lead Change Successfully Without Resistance!

“Change is inevitable. Maurer goes beyond the philosophy of Change Management to actually help people identify resistance to change and then teach them tools to overcome it. His tools have been used extensively by Lockheed Martin to drive change successfully across a multitude of processes and products with tangible savings…”

S.K. Gupta, VP Operations (ret.), Lockheed Martin

lockheed martin

A Fresh Perspective on Leading Change

“Rick has the ability to bring a refreshing new perspective when we seem the most stuck. He is able to honor the difficult of organizational change, but respect the fact that change must occur. I find it a true joy to work with Rick.”

Michael Matthews, CEO Central Virginia Health Networks

Central Virginia Health Network


“Your ability to bring all the theory down to understandable, practical, everyday applications was extraordinary.”

Jim Hunt, COO Adcom Communications, Inc.


A “Go-to” Resource on Leading Change Successfully

“I have worked with Rick while in the Gestalt Organization and Systems Development Program in Cleveland, as a client in my current company and a colleague discussing change concepts. I regularly recommend Rick’s books and web page to associates and clients. Beyond all of this, I have always been impressed by Rick’s generosity and ‘open-handed’ approach to collaboration. I count him as a ‘go to’ resource and can always depend on his prompt response to my outreach.”

Tom Stratton, NAFTA Supply Chain Change Manager, Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., Greensboro, NC


Insight So Compelling We Revamped Our Entire Change Management Agenda

“After hearing Rick’s presentation, we revamped the entire change management agenda for training leaders in our company.”

Linda Pardo, Shell Deep Water Development


Anecdotes and Illuminating Stories Capture How to Lead Change Successfully

“Rick is one of life’s natural raconteur’s with a flair for anecdotes and illuminating stories. He translates potentially complex change management theory and models into terms that all can relate to and use. I would heartily recommend him as a speaker and change management consultant! Bravo!!”

Alison Maxwell, Director, andpartnership ltd

…Epitomizes How to Lead Change Successfully!

“Rick’s work epitomizes creativity and integrity. His deep expertise is a given but what makes him stand out are his thoughtful and creative approaches to consulting and teaching. He clearly cares about people and their change efforts.”

Jacqueline McLemore, Faculty, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland


His Approach to Change and Resistance Helps to Ease Transition

“Rick has developed models that managers and employees can actually apply to their situations. His approach to change and resistance helps people make sense of what’s happening to them and around them. and, using these insights, they can plan how to modify their response and put programs and processes in place to ease their transition. Rick was a wonderful colleague to work with and I recommend him highly.”

Carole Lyles Shaw

Well-Documented Processes and Programs for Managing Change

“I have never had the good fortune to meet Rick. It is a fact of life that people of great personal power can catalyze change at a distance. Rick is transforming the world, management, companies, and teams – one word at a time.

He is growing a huge legacy of information, and his well-documented processes and programs for managing change. He is a legend in his own time.”

Brian V Moore, Co-owner, and MD, Celebrating Humanity International


Exceptional Educator and Facilitator

“Rick is an exceptional educator, facilitator, writer and intervener in human systems, and he brings considerable intellect, competence and compassion to his work. I greatly admire Rick and recommend him with complete confidence.”

Michael McElhenie, Senior Associate, Teleos Leadership Institute

A Leading Change Wizard with “True-Blue” Connections to Human Systems

“The first word that comes to mind in describing Rick Maurer is “wizard.” He is not only simply brilliant, he brings a kind of creativity to his work that’s extraordinary. At the same time (lest those two sentences sound ominous), he is also so completely ‘with’ his clients (and colleagues!) in such a ‘true blue’ way — attentive, deeply ethical, and real. What you see is what you get. Honestly.”

Ann Carr, Owner, Intruequest


Guides Leaders to Manage Change Successfully

“Rick Maurer has a superlative grasp of how to build support and success within organizations. He effectively guides leaders using his unique tools for change and a style that invites communication and feedback among executives, managers and staff. Rick is an exceptional person and I highly recommend his services.”

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

Clarity that’s Magic

“Rick Maurer is creative, insightful, and steadfast. He brings wonderful ways to get precise clarity in the development of design, the delivery of new information, and the application to day-to-day life. Working with Rick always brings a smile to my face as I watch him do his magic.”

Herb Stevenson, Program Chair/Faculty, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland


Great Insight into How to Successfully Lead and Manage Change

“Rick mixes great insight with common sense, complexity with compassion and care, and honors the integrity of an organization, individual, or project. Don’t think twice; hire Rick!”

Gail Bower, President, Bower & Co. Consulting LLC

bower & co

Approach and Impact to Avoid Resistance to Change was Educational

“Rick helped me develop and deliver learning modules on resistance for an international consulting firm. He attended several sessions to ensure that the approach and impact was appropriate. He is fun to work with and has a gracious style even with ‘hostile’ participants. I learned a lot from watching him work.”

Michael Walsh

Expert on Organizational Change and How to Lead Change Successfully

“Rick is well known as both an expert on Gestalt approaches to consultation, and a leader in the field of organizational change. Beyond his vast knowledge, wisdom, and years of experience, Rick is also among the most honest, thoughtful, intelligent, and congruent individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I am honored and excited each time our personal or professional paths crossed, and look forward to more in the future. I offer him my highest recommendation.”

Brian Mistler, Financial and Organizational Director, The Building Blocks, LLC

Deep Knowledge of Change Management, Resistance Engagement Strategies

“I have hired Rick more than a half-dozen times to work with high potential leaders – his presentations are first rate and he structures the workshops to allow for individual consultation. He has a deep knowledge of change management, resistance and engagement strategies. He shares resources generously and strikes a great balance between theory and practice. He is always receptive to customization, flexible when needed and is very easy to engage.”

Geno Schnell

Brilliant and Entertaining!

“Rick Maurer is too humble to say this, so let me say it for him: He’s brilliant! I worked closely with him in a MasterMind group for several years, and was consistently impressed with the quality of his thinking, strategic planning — and humor! I’ve seen him give compelling, original presentations that engaged, educated, and amused audiences. I’d highly recommend him for any consulting or speaking work. He also writes excellent books. You can trust him to be honest about exactly what he can offer and by when.”

Mariah Burton Nelson, Author, Journalist, Professional Speaker, Speaking of Sports

Mariah Burton Nelson

Gifted “Change Master”

“Rick is a gifted change master. His decades of practice in what really makes change in large organizations happen effectively comes through when working with him. I’m glad we met early-on in my career.”

Brandon Rowberry, Internal Corporate Consultant, Hallmark

Highly Recommended if You’re Serious about Leading Change Successfully

“Rick was a joy to work with, professional, personable and able to tailor his work to fit our specific needs. I highly recommend him for any organization dealing with issues of change.”

Karri Matau

Impressive Skills and Collaboration Abilities

“Rick serves on the Advisory Board of The Relational Center. In that capacity, he has provided me with hours of support, advice, coaching and consulting in the service of ensuring our sustainability and the effective implementation of our mission. I have known Rick for many years, in different capacities. I have also had the privilege of providing him with teaching, training and supervision in my capacity as Faculty of the Pacific Gestalt Institute. I have always been impressed with Rick’s capacity for insight, for rich contact, and for collaboration. I highly recommend Rick’s work both for his fine character and his impressive skill.”

Mark Fairfield, Executive Director, The Relational Center


A Master of Process Work. Real Insight and Learning

“This is a workshop that has been crafted by a master of process work who understands that competent facilitation of a small amount of excellent content can lead to real insight and learning. It is one of the best workshops I have attended in years. It is simple, elegant, most enjoyable and very powerful. Thank you, Rick!”


Graham Bullen, Deloitte Consulting


Learned How to Work Successfully Through Others’ Resistance to Change

“I gained valuable insight into my own internal and external reactions when I’m faced with resistance. I learned specific strategies for applying that insight toward working more successfully through others’ resistance to my ideas/suggestions — I found that what I learned in the workshop had immediate relevance to my work and encouraged me to think in new ways about my interactions with clients.”

Heather Jelks, Adventist HealthCare

Adventist HealthCare