Mission Statements – Part 3

Monday, August 11th, 2008

My buddy, Tom, who is a consultant within a large company, sent the Empty Words and Mission Statements post to his own list of clients. Here’s what he said:

“Be sure to look past the sarcasm for the humor and the learning. If you click through to the Dilbert mission statement generator, you may, at first, laugh and then, I hope, you will see our ‘performance challenge’ statements tend to be markedly different and much harder to generate. This is why I am not concerned when we struggle with this work and why I am fine with letting things ‘cook’ and ’emerge.’ Not forcing a mission statement or hard hat sticker or performance challenge is OK with me. When we force it, we come up with statements that sounds silly and hollow. When we do the hard work and hard thinking involved in discerning what we are really about and what we are really trying the do, the words may not be PhD level AND they will be just the right words that capture our hearts and minds and the hearts and minds of our people.”

Thank you, Tom – Rick