Keeping Change Alive

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Keeping Change Alive

For many people, keeping the change alive is the boring part. All the hoopla, brainstorming, and exciting new ideas are a distant memory. Now you are making sure the bugs are out of the system, the new technology works, people’s questions are answered, the work is moving you toward your desired goals.

This is a critically important part of the change process and one that gets neglected in theory and in practice. Many changes just fade away at this stage. No one notices because the change has become such a back-burner low priority item. And no one can learn from mistakes because no one is paying much attention any more.

If you want to truly implement organizational change effectively and avoid the resistance to change that can occur late in the life of a major project, then you must attend to this phase. Here are some ideas that can help.