The Energy Bar

Would it help if you got better at. . .

  • Pinpointing where people are on The Energy Bar™ today?
  • Creating strategies that get people engaged in work?
  • Determining how effective you are at shifting energy?
  • Figuring out ways to build on positive momentum?

If so, here are some suggestions:

Coaching. I can provide one-time coaching sessions or long-term retainer arrangements. Say you’ve got a meeting coming up, and building positive energy will be vitally important. Simply schedule a call, and we can use The Energy Bar™ to come up with some effective strategies. Or, if you are embarking on a big project and know you will need someone to advise you on ways to build support (and avoid resistance), let’s talk. Together we can create a 3-month or a full-year plan so you’ll have unlimited access to me.

Workshop. This one-day workshop is still in the pilot testing phase, but please feel free to call. Currently, I am planning on conducting the workshop inside client organizations. I am not planning on offering public workshops. So far, I’ve conducted The Energy Bar™ workshops (and presentations) in the US, Denmark, Belgium, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. These workshops allow you to begin applying the Energy Bar to real challenges within the opening 30 minutes of the workshop.

Presentations. Clients have responded well to my keynote style presentations on The Energy Bar. It is a great way to focus people’s attention on the importance building support for something new in your organization.

Our blog. I continue to write posts that focus on The Energy Bar™. There are 11 posts so far and the number keeps growing.

Contact information:

Rick Maurer

703 525-7074 or set up a Skype call

The Energy Bar


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